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Al Mohler Implies Christians Who Don’t Vote Republican Are ‘Unfaithful’; Met With Mixture of Praise, Criticism

“In plain sight, Al Mohler says out loud that if you vote ‘wrongly’ in 2022, you’re being ‘unfaithful’ to God,” said sexual abuse survivor advocate Christa Brown. “Folks, this kind of rhetoric is flat-out dangerous.”

“I say this with no cynicism: In the mid-2000’s I enrolled at Southern Seminary mainly [because] political rhetoric like this was deemed unfaithful itself. Right wing and Moral Majority movements were said to be spiritually bankrupt. Renewal dynamics were emphasized over political power,” said New York pastor John Starke. “As a minister of the gospel, trying to stay faithful to orthodox theology and maintain [New Testament] ethics in our church community, this public development with Mohler is deeply saddening.”

Author Danté Stewart said, “The church, the school, and the voting booths have always been the battle ground for white supremacy and a Christian nation. Al Mohler is no different than his ancestors who created a god in their own image who hates all people not like them.”

Mohler later took to Twitter to respond to the backlash. While he stopped short of explicitly confirming that he believed faithful Christians could only vote Republican, he did point out two policy stances that are part of the Republican Party platform and stand in contrast to the views of most Democrats. 

“If you are offended that I encourage Christians to vote FOR candidates who defend the unborn and support the integrity of marriage and to vote AGAINST candidates who support abortion and subvert marriage, that has been my message for my entire adult life,” Mohler wrote. “It’s all there on the record in written form for you to read. Better make a strong cup of coffee, there are a few million words. I direct you to albertmohler.com. It’s not like the argument is in secret code. I am confident the vast majority of Southern Baptists agree.”

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ChurchLeaders has reached out to Albert Mohler for comment and will update this article in the event of his response.