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Eagles’ Jalen Hurts, ‘You Have To Put [God] at the Center of Everything That You Do’

Hurts said he replied, “This is who I am. God only made me one way. That’s to be me. That’s to be Jalen Hurts. I think, being in this city, being the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and just having the opportunity to play the game I love most in the best city of football, I just go out there every day and I am who I am, and I keep God in the center, I give Him all the praise, I lean on Him all the time, and I know that everything unfolds the way it’s supposed to.”

In response to being questioned if pastoring is something he may do when his football career comes to an end, the 24-year-old said that he will “go wherever God leads me.” Hurts shared with Benjamin that he has “always envisioned being a coach” or something that involves working with kids.