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‘God’s Smuggler,’ Anne van der Bijl, Known as ‘Brother Andrew,’ Dies at 94

Brother Andrew was dumbfounded. “I coasted forward, my foot poised above the brake. Nothing happened. I looked out the rear mirror. The guard was waving the next car to a stop, indicating to the driver that he had to get out.” God had answered his prayer

This ministry to persecuted believers in Communist countries led Brother Andrew to found Open Doors. “Our very mission is called ‘Open Doors’ because we believe that all doors are open, anytime and anywhere,” he said. “I literally believe that every door is open to go in and proclaim Christ, as long as you are willing to go and are not worried about coming back.”

According to its website, Open Doors “is the largest network in the world serving persecuted Christians.” The organization credits its presence in over 60 countries to the work of its founder. “We work directly with pastors and church leaders to address the most critical needs of the suffering church on the ground. In every region, the needs might be different, but we seek to strengthen the church where it’s needed most.”

Brother Andrew was married to his wife Corry, who passed away in 2018, for 59 years. The couple is survived by five children and 11 grandchildren.