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Porn Accountability Platform Covenant Eyes Responds To Accusations of Violating Privacy, Being ‘Shameware’

In a statement, Accountable2You CEO Ben Lawrence characterized Accountable2You’s suspension from Google Play as the company being “singled out for our stand against sin.”

“As leading providers of accountability software, Accountable2You and Covenant Eyes both see how pornography use is absolutely destroying families and wreaking havoc in the church and society as a whole,” Lawrence said. “Our software provides an easy way for willing individuals to be transparent on their devices by sharing their activity reports with a trusted accountability partner.”

Regarding the accusation that Accountable2You misused Google’s accessibility features, Lawrence said, “The AccessibilityServices API can be used for many different things aside from helping people with disabilities. We have been listed on the Play Store for many years and have fully complied with all requirements and met all the regulations regarding Google’s User Data policies, including their upcoming policy changes.”

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“At any time, the user can uninvite an accountability partner, and that person’s access to view activity reports is immediately revoked,” Lawrence went on to say. “Additionally, on Android (and several other platforms as well) our app allows users to select which apps they want to have monitored or unmonitored. For example, banking apps or any other app with sensitive personal data can easily be set as unmonitored. Of course, making changes to this list will alert any accountability partners the user has invited.”

“To me, this attempt to slander our work at Accountable2You is evidence that we are in a spiritual battle, and our enemy, the devil, is real and active,” Lawrence argued.

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Covenant Eyes for comment and will update this article in the event of their response.

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This article has been updated to include Accountable2You’s statement.