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Beth Moore on Cremation, the Silence of God and What She Would Bring to Your Potluck

On a lighter note, one person asked, “Mama Beth, what would you bring to my potluck?” Moore relished the question, joking that she has so much pride in her cooking that the Lord humbles her by not allowing her to cook well consistently. She answered that if she were drawing from her Arkansas roots, she would bring homemade buttermilk biscuits, cream gravy with sausage, fried ham and red eye gravy, and homemade mashed potatoes. If she were drawing from her Texas roots, she would bring chips and salsa every time.

Other questions Beth Moore addressed included how to know if one’s prodigal children are actually secure in the Lord, why it is important to speak the name of Jesus out loud, and what to do if someone struggles with prayer. Regarding the last question, Moore said she hoped that the curtain/throne analogy was helpful to the person who asked it and emphasized that prayer is about a relationship with Jesus.

Over time, “Jesus becomes dearer and dearer and dearer to me,” said Moore. “What I have with him, I don’t want to jeopardize.” She explained that she was not suggesting people could lose their salvation if they don’t pray enough, but that the intimacy of her relationship with God is so precious that she does not want it to suffer by neglecting prayer. 

Moore noted that prayer can simply be stillness before God and that one way she prays is by talking back to God as she hears him speak to her through Scripture. She encouraged those present to ask God for whatever they lack and specifically to ask him for a heart to love Jesus more than anything else in the world.