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Greg Locke Calls Catholic Statues and Rosary Beads Demonic, Announces Halloween Mass Burning Event

The pastor instructed his followers to burn all Masonic books, which included “the so called Bibles that are filled with witchcraft symbolism and false doctrine. Burn every ring, pendant, apron and Shriners hat. It’s all cursed.”

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“Clean out those DVD cabinets and burn all those horror and murderous movies. Rid yourself of ungodly and devilish music,” Locked continued. He then listed Catholic statues and rosary beads—which are used to aid prayer and meditation, including the “Hail Mary” prayer—as demonic material.

“Clear out satanic symbols, board games, Catholic statues, rosary beads, tarot cards and demonic games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pokémon. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes around your house and then start gathering. There’s loads more that I could write, but you get the idea. It has to go. If you’re gonna rise to the next level in your walk you CANNOT tolerate witchcraft, curses and demonism. BURN IT,” Locke exclaimed.

The pastor finished his post by sharing that he isn’t interested in people’s opinions regarding what he has listed as demonic material, adding that hate won’t persuade him to change his beliefs.

“Gather it up and bring it all. We will worship. We will pray. We will burn. We will celebrate JESUS and push back the forces of darkness on the years most evil night,” Locked said. “We are children of the light and will not tolerate darkness.”

*Correction: Pastor Locke shared that what ChurchLeaders earlier reported regarding Pastor John MacArthur’s church being a cult because of MacArthur’s cessationist stance on charismatic spiritual gifts was not what he meant. Therefore we have removed that piece from the article.