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Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s New ‘Theological Memoir’ Is for Christians Who Are Questioning Their Beliefs

“While there,” said Vuolo, “I saw dozens of people I’d grown up with, friends who, like me, had come to Big Sandy every year to sit under the teachings from a man named Bill Gothard. But for every old friend that I saw that week, there was one or two who I expected to see who wouldn’t show up. In the coming months and years, I’d start to hear stories of those friends and I’d find out that some of them no longer wanted anything to do with Christ or Christianity. They had rejected everything they’d been taught about God, the Bible and the Christian faith.”

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Rejecting Christianity entirely is “not my story,” said Vuolo, but “I have, like those friends, rejected much of the teaching I heard from many years.” Her book is about her journey toward understanding her faith in a different way and learning to question after growing up in a close-knit community where everyone shared the same beliefs. While Vuolo says the book contains “stories that nobody saw while the TV cameras were rolling,” she clarifies it is “not a tell-all…this is my personal, theological memoir.”

Vuolo said that she has questioned whether or not she should write the book, and called it “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” However, it is also “the most important.” She concluded that writing it was “necessary, and I’m thankful God has given me the strength to finish it.” Said Vuolo, “I share these stories because I want to be an encouragement to any of you who may be struggling to work through what you were taught, while still loving Jesus.”