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Fans Can Pray With ‘The Chosen’ Cast Members by Joining Advent Challenge on the Hallow App

Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays Jesus in “The Chosen” and who has partnered with Hallow before, is the “guide” for the Advent challenge. Day 1 is titled “In the Beginning.” Dallas Jenkins introduces the 10 minute session, after which Roumie explains what users can expect in the coming weeks. Daily meditations feature Scripture passages from the Old or New Testament, read by an actor from “The Chosen.” 

The actors participating include George Harrison Xanthis (John the Evangelist), Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene), Paras Patel (Matthew), David Amito (John the Baptist), and Vanessa Benavente (Mary, the Mother of Jesus).

Xanthis does the reading for the first week of the challenge. Before he reads the passage for Day 1, Roumie asks listeners to take a few deep breaths, calm themselves and to prepare their hearts for God. Xanthis then reads from John 1, after which he guides reflection on the reading. After the reading and reflection, Roumie invites listeners to pray based on the passage and leads them through a guided meditation of Christ’s light shining in the darkness of their lives. The meditation concludes with Roumie reading a prayer of praise to God. 

Those interested in participating in the Advent challenge can download the Hallow app on their mobile phones or sign up at this link