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Why This Pastor No Longer Makes Fun of ‘Fundie Christians’

The legacy of Clary’s great-grandfather, who was married to his wife for 74 years and lived to be 102, was similar. “He planted a church deep in the hills of [West Virginia] and built a church building for it on his property,” said Clary. “He ministered there for many years, preaching from his KJV Bible.” 

Clary shared a poem his great-grandfather wrote about his call to ministry, a vocation he served in for eight decades. “He stayed true to the Lord and to his calling for 80 years. EIGHTY YEARS!” Clary said. “And here I was, three or four years into my new church plant, attracting a few hundred people, feeling like I’d accomplished something. Feeling superior to men like my grandfather and great grandfather.”

After realizing the richness of his spiritual heritage, Clary was abashed. He said, “I repented of my arrogance. I repented of my self-righteous attitude towards ‘that old time religion’ that sustained my grandparents who had so much less than me. I repented of looking down on faithful, older Christians who had passed on a legacy to me.”

The pastor says that his prideful attitude was “cultivated in an evangelical subculture that produces a spirit of elitism…What I have learned is that subculture is actually sub-Christian.”

He concluded his thread:

Elitist Christianity cannot survive the rigors of hard discipleship. But my grandparents did. And they handed me a legacy to follow. There are many points of doctrinal disagreement that I would have with my grandfathers. But these were men who suffered & knew how to suffer well.

These are the sorts of men that deserve our respect and admiration. Men who finished well and stayed true. Men of whom the world is not worthy. By God’s grace, I want to follow in their footsteps and be like them.

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Michael Clary for further comment and will update this article in the event of a reply.