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Eric Geiger: ‘I Feel Sorry’ for People Who Use Christmas Sunday Controversy To ‘Show Themselves More Holy Than the Rest of Us’

“Where I pastor we typically have worship services on Saturday and Sunday. This year, we will have our worship services on Friday and Saturday (with more worship services than we typically have),” Geiger explained. “We are not giving up gathering. We are offering more opportunities for gathering. And we will make much of Jesus and His arrival here for us.”

Geiger, who formerly served as senior vice president of Lifeway Christian Resources, is the author of multiple books and has long been respected in Christian leadership circles. 

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He became lead pastor of Mariners Church in 2018, succeeding Kenton Beshore, under whose three decades of leadership the church grew from roughly 250 to an average weekly attendance in the five figures, and who also founded Rooted Network, a discipleship initiative aimed at connecting Christians with God, the Church, and their purpose. 

The Rooted program is utilized by churches around the nation as a key aspect of their discipleship processes.

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Specifically addressing the vitriol some pastors have aimed at churches that aren’t meeting on Christmas Day, irrespective of any other mission-driven initiatives those churches are engaged in, Geiger wrote, “I feel sorry for the people who use ‘we have church on Christmas Day’ as a way to show themselves more holy than others because Christmas doesn’t happen again on Sunday for eleven years and they will need to find some other way, which they surely will, to show themselves to be better than the rest of us.”