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‘Demonic’—Jackie Hill Perry Renounces Enneagram, Told God ‘I Am Sorry’ for Promoting It

“We can say all day that [the Enneagram is] not an idol, but we actually believe the Enneagram more than we believed the Bible when it talks about ourselves,” Hill pointed out, adding, “That’s concerning.”

Hill shared, “I had to tell the Lord sorry, and I’m sorry that I was so ignorant. I’m sorry that I used my platform to promote evil. That makes me sad that I was so ignorant to a false wisdom when the scriptures and Jesus has actually been sufficient the entire time.”

Hill at Passion 2023: Satan Is ‘Trying To Destroy an Entire Generation of Christians’

Earlier in the week in Atlanta, Georgia, Hill told thousands of 18 to 25-year-olds at Passion 2023 that she feels Satan is “trying to destroy an entire generation of Christians with witchcraft. He wants out to consider alternative sources of power for joy, for peace, [and] for right of mind.”

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“I think some of the blame for that is the church, because we have been raised in churches that are more afraid of the Holy Spirit than they were of Harry Potter. So I see why you’re confused,” Hill said. “Because you’ve seen people exegete with the Spirit but not exercise with the Spirit. You’ve seen things in your room at night. You’ve seen things manifest in people, but everyone explains it away—as if we are not in a world with demons, in churches with demons, in conversation with people full of demons, including pastors.”

“And so you get on TikTok and you see a psychic tell you that she could tell you your future, it’s because they’ve muted the prophets in the church,” Hill continued. “So you’re going to the devil seers, instead of the Lord. Don’t play with the devil. The Lord gave the church authority to trample over serpents, not submit to them.”