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‘The Jezebel Spirit Literally Castrates Men’ — Mark Driscoll Plugs His ‘Most Controversial’ Sermon Series Ever

Driscoll predicts that this series will get him banned from various social media platforms due to the sermon clips that will be posted.

Driscoll briefly touched on how in the series he will also teach on “transgenderism” and explained how demons are neither male nor female, but can appear male or female.

“Angels in the Bible never appear to be involved in sexual relations with human beings, but demons do,” Driscoll explained. “Therefore a demon is a transgender, non binary, sexual being on a spectrum, committing sexual sin, and promoting tolerance, which is the counterfeit of repentance. And tolerance is what Jesus rebukes the church at Thyatira for enduring with Jezebel.”

Our culture today is seeing such an “avalanche of transgenderism that is leading to mental health, suicidal ideation, unprecedented depression among younger generations,” Driscoll argues, a problem that is due to the “demonic.”

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“It’s trying to get them to deny their God-given gender categories, and instead of being able to live out of their God-given identity made in God’s likeness—male and female—the transgender spirit of Jezebel and the passive spirit of Ahab wants to do is to cause people, particularly younger generations, to be conformed not to the image of God, but to the demonic and satanic, to be transgender to live on a gender spectrum to be fluid, non binary, but sexual, without any god given limitations,” Driscoll said.

Driscoll believes this is “why there’s such a powerful pressure of cultural force toward transgenderism and sexual sin.”

Driscoll further said that he thinks he’s been up against the Jezebel spirit his entire life. “I think that if I just rerun the tape,” he said, “it’s often passive men and controlling women who really disliked me the most…I don’t like picking a fight, but I won’t shy away from one.”

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“Since we’re in days like Elijah,” Driscoll reiterated, “it seems like our only hope is that we need a few people with the spirit of Elijah, which is the Spirit of God—the Holy Spirit—to stand up, to take a stand, to make a difference, to call the shots, to take the shots, and to say it like it is before it’s too late. God does that and the days of Elijah, and he brings a bit of a revival.

“We’ve had little intimations of that and maybe that flame of God’s revival fire is coming,” Driscoll concluded while warning, “If not, I would expect more fire to come down from heaven just like it did in the days of Elijah, and put an end to us all.”