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Johnny Hunt Sues SBC and Guidepost, Demanding Trial by Jury, Calls Assault Accusation ‘Recklessly False’

Characterizing Hunt’s actions in 2010 as “noncriminal conduct,” the suit argues that Guidepost Solutions “sought to create the appearance that the SBC has learned from its previous mistakes and is now working to protect victims of sex crimes.”

By publishing allegations against Hunt in a report focusing on child molestation and other sexual abuses, the suit argues that Guidepost Solutions “intentionally and maliciously created the false impression that Pastor Johnny is a sex criminal.”

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Hunt’s suit also calls out current SBC president, Bart Barber, for “reinforcing” that narrative in a December 5, 2022 Twitter thread, in which Barber said the allegations against Hunt would “constitute a felony in any jurisdiction in the US.”

Barber’s tweet came in response to the announcement that Hunt had been restored to ministry by a team of four pastors. In a separate tweet, Barber said that he would “permanently defrock” Hunt if he had the authority to do so.

As a result of Guidepost Solutions’ report, the suit claims that Hunt’s life has been forever changed, describing his financial losses “substantial.” The losses listed included his job at NAMB, lost income from speaking engagements, and lost income from publishing opportunities. The suit states that Guidepost Solutions “should be held liable.”

Hunt Claims Woman He Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Initiated Encounter

The suit further argues that the Guidepost Solutions report was “unequivocally false” and “reckless” for labeling the pastor’s wife as a “survivor,” as that label was defined in the report as someone “who actually suffered at the hands of SBC clergy.”

The suit further claims that the woman whom Hunt has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting “initiated the encounter.”

Contrary to the Guidepost Solutions report, the suit claims that Hunt “ended the encounter after a very brief period when he realized that his acquiescence to the encounter was a sin,” arguing that Hunt “abruptly stepped back, asked for forgiveness, and left the room. There was no assault or nonconsensual activity of any kind. Pastor Johnny did not ‘groom’ the accuser; he did not initiate the encounter; he did not ‘force himself’ on the wife; and he did not ‘violently’ kiss her.”

Hunt Demands Trial by Jury, Financial Compensation

Hunt sent written letters to the SBC, SBC EC, and Guidepost Solutions on March 1, 2023, demanding they each “retract the defamatory statements made against” him. Additionally, Hunt demanded they also “issue editorials specifically refuting the defamatory statements.”

According to the suit, those letters were not answered at the time the lawsuit was filed. Hunt is now demanding a trial by jury in what appears to be an attempt to clear his name.