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Charlie Kirk on Tucker Carlson, Abortion, and Why Biden ‘Will Be Tough To Beat in 2024’

Charlie Kirk on Abortion’s Impact on 2024

When asked how he thinks the issue of abortion will impact the 2024 election following dismal Republican midterm showings that have largely been attributed to backlash following the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Kirk thinks more voter education is in order.

“We need to be honest with voters that we are pro-life, but we have to fight back against the fear-mongering from the other side,” Kirk replied. “We need to counter the abortion fear-mongering with a mass media ad campaign in the key states where this issue is most divisive.”

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‘It’s All About Ballot-Chasing’: Kirk Responds to Gen Z Voter Connection

The midterms in 2022 marked the second-highest youth voter turnout in almost three decades, according to the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE). Those voters largely broke Democratic, especially on social issues. When asked whether conservatives need to course correct in order to win over Gen Z, Kirk said, “It goes back to ballot chasing.”

“Younger voters are low-propensity voters. We need to chase down ballots where they are and where they are favorable for conservatives,” Kirk said. Those favorable places are “churches, sporting events, etc. We can close the gap, but it will take a machine.”

“Millennials used to vote 30-plus points in favor of Democrats,” Kirk explained, but that number has gotten smaller. “We will win them back over time, but we need to narrow the gap in the short term by getting our young people to vote in greater numbers.”

Tucker Carlson: ‘A Great Loss to the Christian Community’

ChurchLeaders also asked for Kirk’s thoughts about Fox News’ firing of controversial host Tucker Carlson. Carlson was fired abruptly on Monday, just days after Fox’s high-profile defamation settlement of $787 million with the voting machine company Dominion. (Fox hosts and guests repeated known false statements about the company’s machines altering votes to help “steal” the 2020 election.)

In the discovery process of that suit, texts from Carlson and others were revealed wherein he disparaged colleagues and guests, including former President Donald Trump. Carlson is also named in a lawsuit filed against Fox by Abby Grossberg, which claims that Carlson and others on his team created a hostile work environment rife with antisemitism, sexism, and vulgarity toward women. Despite these highly publicized cases, neither Fox nor Carlson have directly addressed the reason for the firing.

“Tucker isn’t a loud and proud evangelical,” Kirk said, “but he understands and deeply respects how important Christians and the faithful are the preservation of our republic. He is a Christian and his faith has become more important to him over the years, but regardless of his personal faith journey, there was perhaps no more eloquent defender of Christians on nightly news than Tucker Carlson.”

Kirk said that Carlson’s “departure is a great loss to the Christian community in America.”