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‘God Still Works in the Midst of Darkness’—Sean Feucht Says ‘Over 98 SatanCon Attendees Surrendered Their Lives to Jesus’

Sean Feucht
(L) Sean Feucht photo courtesy of "Let Us Worship" (R) Screengrab via Twitter @seanfeucht

Hundreds of people attended the largest satanic gathering in history this past weekend (April 28-30) in New York at the sold out SatanCon 2023.

The event marks the 10-year anniversary of The Satanic Temple (TST) and was dedicated to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu for not allowing the group to deliver an invocation at City Hall last year.

A spokesperson from the City of Boston said, “Neither Mayor Wu nor the City of Boston are sponsoring or affiliated with SatanCon 2023. Mayor Wu will be out town this weekend.”

One SatanCon attendee told CBS Boston, “We’re just normal people. We just believe a little differently,” and said that “we are a very misunderstood group.” Despite its use of satanic imagery, TST states that it is non-theistic group that does not actually worship Satan.

This year’s SatanCon theme was “Hexennacht in Boston.” “Hexennacht” is German for “Witches Night.” The satanic event held multiple panels over the weekend, including topics on “Deconstructing Your Religious Upbringing,” “Hellbillies: Visible Satanism in Rural America,” “The Devil Is in All of You: The Changing Face of Satan in Cinema,” and “Reclaiming the Trans Body.”

In addition to the panels, SatanCon hosted a “Satanic Ball” and an event called “Impius Conventus,” which is Latin for “An Ungodly Assembly.” It featured a drag queen performance and a concert by the band Satanic Planet.

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During the opening night of SatanCon 2023, two Satanic leaders led worshipers in chants of “Hail Satan” and said, “We stand here today in defiance of their siege and destroy their symbols of oppression,” before ripping pages out of the Bible. The leader, who was female, was cheered on by the crowd as she shouted, “Hail Satan,” while tearing pages of the Bible and throwing them on the floor.

A video of the Satanic leader destroying the Bible was posted on Twitter by “Let Us Worship” leader Sean Feucht, who shared that more than 98 SatanCon attendees have given their lives to Jesus.

“While they were ripping up pages of the Bible to kick off the largest Satanic gathering ever (SatanCon in Boston), over 98 attendees surrendered their lives to Jesus (verified!) from covert evangelists infiltrating the crowd,” Feucht posted.

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One person who commented on Feucht’s tweet said the worship leader was lying. Dr. Eric Sprankle, who led the talk on “Sins of the Flesh: Satanism and Self-Pleasure,” told Feucht, “I presented at this conference and there were no ‘covert evangelists infiltrating the crowd.’ It’s easy to lie about converting 98 Satanists when your whole career is based in delusion and deception.”