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Danica McKellar Is Reading the Old Testament for the First Time a Year After Trusting in Jesus

Joseph’s story in Genesis is one of the biblical accounts that has “stuck with me the most,” said McKellar, who shared that she and her husband watched the film, “The Ten Commandments,” and that “it’s been kind of fun, seeing all the depictions of the stories in the Bible.”

What impressed McKellar about the life of Joseph was that God was with him during his suffering, even when he was enslaved and in prison. What’s more, “wherever he was, he rose to the top,” she said. “I just imagine him doing whatever he needed to do, joyfully.” 

“This idea that, no matter what we’re doing, we can do it with true joy if we are connected to our relationship with God is incredible,” said McKellar. This concept reminded her of her father, who trusted in Jesus about 20 to 25 years ago. At the time, he was having some financial difficulties, and he suggested to his business partners that, even though they were in a lot of trouble, they could do any task they needed to with joy.

“That’s how I picture Joseph being,” said McKellar, “that he did these things, whatever he was doing, with joy and that God was with him.” The actress said she was not sure if Joseph’s obedience ensured God was with him or if God was with him and that is why Joseph had joy. “Could be a chicken or the egg thing,” she said.

“What a beautiful lesson for us all,” McKellar concluded. “So I hope that this has inspired you to truly feel and find the joy in the tiniest of little tasks that we do every day and I hope that that brings you closer to God as well.”