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‘I Was Born To Share the Love of Jesus’— Megan Danielle Joins Other Christian Singers in ‘American Idol’ Top 5

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Megan Danielle performs "Head Over Feet." Screenshot from YouTube / @American Idol

The 21st season of “American Idol” is inching closer to the finals. The show just announced its Top 5 performers left in the competition: Wé Ani, Megan Danielle, Zachariah Smith, Colin Stough, and Iam Tongi.

Christian contestants have been applauded for sharing their faith publicly. On the next episode, airing Sunday, these contestants will compete with new songs and unique arrangements, attempting to make it through one more round of the competition.

‘American Idol’: ‘Disney Night’ Will Feature Top 5 

According to ABC, “Disney Night” will feature guest mentor Sofia Carson, who played Evie in Disney’s “Descendants.” The remaining contestants will “breathe new life into beloved Disney songs,” as is to be expected on Disney Night. Each of the five is hoping to make it through one more round of the competition, but only four will move on.

From the beginning of the season, all of the “American Idol” contestants have displayed engaging stage presence, belted out on-point vocals, and showed teachable hearts willing to learn. But there are specific aspects that set apart the remaining performers. Here is how they made it through the last episode and into the Top 5.

Wé Ani from New York

Honoring guest judge Alanis Morissette, Wé Ani powerfully performed the song, “Uninvited.” At the suggestion of the judges, Wé Ani focused on a raw, unique sound to the popular hit. Wé Ani also teamed up with Warren Peay in a duet covering Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.” The duo mesmerized the audience.

As the oldest contestant left in season 21, Wé Ani has already begun her career as a performer. This 24-year-old loves her father, who posted a video endorsing Wé Ani and her talent. “She’s gotten there by her fans, the fans of the show, and people who just recognize talent,” her dad said. “Each week she’s been giving you something different.”

Megan Danielle from Georgia

Megan Danielle invited the audience into her own story as she sang Morissette’s “Head Over Feet.” She also sang Sheeran’s “Dive” alongside Colin Stough. The two combined their unique voices in a way that made it appear they had been singing together for years.

Danielle recently posted on Facebook, “I was born to share the love of Jesus.” At 21 years of age, she works alongside her single mom as a restaurant server in their hometown. Danielle mesmerized fans everywhere with her recent rendition of “Go Rest High On That Mountain” to honor her late “papa.”

“You’re never scared to tell everybody about your faith,” said judge Luke Bryan.

Zachariah Smith from Mississippi

Early in the episode, Zachariah Smith, belted out “Ironic” by Morissette, displaying a unique approach encompassing his own flare. Smith also sang a duet with Haven Madison, who didn’t make it through to the Top 5. The two sang “Thinking Out Loud” by Sheeran and exquisitely nailed the harmony of the song.

This 20-year-old grill cook has made the change from small-town life to the big stage. Smith recently posted, “Thank you so much for the sweet signs at Live Shows this past Sunday! I love seeing these in the crowd!”