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‘Women, Cover Up’—Christian Twitter Debates Modesty, Lust and Self-Control in Time for Summer

On the other side of the debate were those who stated that the men addressing modesty online generally focus on what they believe women need to do, instead of their own responsibility not to lust.

“Women, summer is coming, and so are the Pastors who believe they have the right to police your body and tell you [what] to wear,” tweeted pastor and consultant Dr. Kevin M. Young, “all while being morbidly obese in cargo shorts and Crocs. Ignore them. Be free.”

“I think if yoga pants cause you to lust, you’re not very good at self control,” said Pastor JJ Mannschreck. “(or at seeing women as fully fledged humans created by God and worthy of respect regardless of their clothing). Jesus said ‘gouge your eyes,” not “give her a dress code.’ So get it under control dude.” 

Both Mannschreck and Young believe that when people call women to modesty, they typically fail to call men to self-control. 

“For all the tweets of pastors telling women to cover up you never see them say what Jesus actually told men to do if they can’t control their lust,” said user Rees Porcari, responding to Young. 

“This is what bothers me most about it all,” Young agreed.

“There are books and studies and more books that cover the severe psychological damage the church’s focus on the ‘sinful seductive woman’ has done,” said Mannschreck. “Women are almost ALWAYS presented as the sinful one (like w/ the yoga pants). Men are responsible too, and that needs to be said more.”

Pastor Adam Page responded to Mannschreck, stating that the modesty debate is not one-sided: “No one is putting ALL of a burden on the opposite sex. Here’s the thing: the men encouraging our sisters w/ modesty speak to men over their lack of self control with more conviction and accountability than anybody. Pastor BOTH genders, stop cowering.”

“Every time I see a man tweet that women shouldn’t be allowed to wear yoga pants, tank tops, shorts, or what have you,” said author Jennifer Greenberg, “it just makes me think that man has a serious lust problem, and I should avoid him because he’s probably not safe for women and girls to be around.”