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‘I’m a Trump Man’—Eric Metaxas Compares Trump to Martin Luther, Calls Trump ‘Anointed,’ ‘Astonishingly Entertaining’

“And the forces of hell are not arrayed against Donald Trump. They are arrayed against God’s people and against this nation, which the Lord created, and against Israel, and I don’t think [Trump] understood that,” Metaxas continued. “And I think because he understands that now, because he has endured that hell, not just during the election and his term but since then, I think that is a man who is loaded for bear. He understands now what he is up against.”

“We need someone who understands we are in a war, and he understands that,” Metaxas argued.

Metaxas Compares Trump to Martin Luther

Later in the discussion, Metaxas mentioned the biography on Martin Luther he published in 2017, and said, “There are many things in Luther—as I was writing it, I thought, ‘This is bizarre.’ I see this in Donald Trump.”

“Luther had an uncanny ability to speak to the common man. Now, he was an intellectual. He was a genius. He could speak at the highest level, operate at the highest level. But he had an ability to speak to the common man, often with coarse joking,” Metaxas explained. “Does that sound familiar?” 

“Most people at that time thought, ‘We’ve never seen anyone who speaks our language, who acknowledges us as though we matter. The elites have governed without any reference to us,’” Metaxas argued. “They have had power, but God used a rough man named Martin Luther.” 

“He was a bit of a bull in a china shop. There’s no question about it,” Metaxas added. “But God used him to do something. God fashioned him for that.”

Metaxas went on to compare Trump’s use of Twitter to Luther’s use of the then-recently invented printing press to disseminate his ideas.

“[Luther] did an end run around the cultural elites,” Metaxas said. “That’s what happened with Trump and Twitter is that for the first time, the mainstream media and the cultural elites did not have a lock. They did not have a monopoly on being able to communicate with your average person in America.”

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“So it’s a bizarre thing that God, when he wants, will do an end run. He will use a rough hewn figure for his purposes. As I say, oftentimes, he will use a thrice married, philandering, real estate developer from New York to show the church what courage looks like,” Metaxas concluded. “That’s what God does sometimes. It’s not what we would do, but it’s what God does.”