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Rick Warren Argues That Infighting, ‘Contempt Toward Women’ Are To Blame for SBC’s Decline

The third renewal is missional, and the fourth is structural. Only after those can you have cultural renewal, Warren said, where churches affect the community’s moral climate. Laws and politics don’t cause cultural change, he said. “The secret of cultural renewal is not who we put in the White House; it’s who we put on the cross.” Warren promised to address that topic further in upcoming videos.

More Videos on the Way From Rick Warren

Next up, Warren said he’ll address what it means—historically—to be a Baptist, including the denomination’s “former strengths.” His third video will examine New Testament passages that support the “Great Commission ministry of women.” His goal, Warren said, is to show there are “biblical alternatives to both complementarianism and egalitarianism.” Finally, part four will explore the early Christian Church in Acts and the “pathway to revitalizing the church.” To receive links to future videos as soon as they’re posted, people can email icare@sbcstand.com.

Some people within the SBC want to return to its 1950s “golden age,” Warren said, while others prefer the Reformation time period. Going back even further, to the first century, is the answer, in his opinion. “Specifically the principles of Pentecost,” Warren said, when “Christianity had its fastest growth.”

The Scripture that’s most relevant to the SBC now, Warren said, is Revelation 2:1-5, in which Jesus warned the Ephesus church about leaving its first love. Verse 5, Warren noted, contains three instructions that are key to revival and revitalization: remember, repent, and return.

You really can’t revitalize a denomination, said the pastor. “You can only revitalize the churches.” Institutional leaders or bureaucrats can’t impose a revival, Warren added. “Every denomination should exist to serve its churches, not vice versa.”