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Willy Rice To Nominate Mike Stone for SBC President To Combat ‘Left Wing, Feminist Critical Theory, Cancel Culture, Politics’

“The work of sexual abuse reform will not be torpedoed,” Rice explained, “it will be accomplished, and it will be accomplished in a way that unites us and follows appropriate legal guidelines. Mike will not advocate approaches that circumvent legal protocols and violate our ecclesiology or our theology.”

Rice also stated that Stone will address the Executive Committee’s financial status and the draining of millions of dollars on “unnecessary litigation and administrative costs.”

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“I wish the status quo were acceptable, I really do,” Rice said. “Ronald Reagan once said, ‘status quo’ is Latin for the mess we’re in. Over the last year I’ve spoken with many pastors who are frustrated, and I have become convinced that the very foundation of our cooperative work is being torn. Many of them are afraid to speak up or step out for fear of the gaslighting and public attacks on their character. They have been silenced in their own convention.”

In conclusion, Rice said that while all of this is happening within the SBC, “our culture is imploding under the weight of a depravity that is nothing short of demonic.” We aren’t just facing a few headwinds, “but a storm that will test us as never before.”

“This is no time for the pastel colors of nuance. This is time for the bold colors of conviction and courage. Our nation and our world need the largest body of evangelical believers in America to stand boldly united in sound doctrine and courageous convictions,” he said. “This is unsustainable. The old alignments and descriptions are obsolete. A new and urgent hour is upon us. The time has come for a bold, if difficult choice. The direction must be changed, and the drift must be stopped. That is why next week I will nominate Mike Stone to lead us as our next SBC President.”