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SBC Messengers To Vote on Constitutional Amendment Banning Women Pastors

At one point during the meeting amid recommendations from the finances committee chairman, EC member Joe Knott moved that the EC stop spending money on Guidepost Solutions, citing Guidepost’s Pride Month tweet from last June. The SBC is sending money from “victims of sexual sin to people who are advocating sexual sin, and I don’t think this is engendering confidence in our people,” said Knott. 

Interim EC president Willie McLaurin stepped in and clarified that Guidepost is not being paid to create the SBC’s Ministry Check website. The EC has only one official contract with Guidepost, which is to facilitate the sexual abuse hotline, said McLaurin, and the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force (ARITF) is working toward finding another vendor. Moreover, while the EC signs all contracts, funds for Guidepost are not coming from the EC itself.

After some debate, Knott’s motion was found to be moot. For further reading on this topic, see the following articles:

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During the meeting, SBC president Bart Barber, who faces Pastor Mike Stone in the race to be the next SBC president, exhorted those present to obey the Lord Jesus, who tells us not to be anxious about anything.

“I hear people talk about their concerns about the Southern Baptist Convention, and half the time, it’s about things we might do,” said Barber, who shared that he also struggles with anxiety. Nevertheless, he believes, “Southern Baptists tend to do the right thing if you give them enough time to do it.”

“I love ya’ll,” said Barber. “It’s been a joy serving with you this year.”