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SBC 2023: What You Need To Know About What Happened at the Annual Meeting

During a time of discussion about the amendment, supporters argued that it is an important step in ensuring Baptist churches obey the authority of the Bible. Opponents expressed concern that women who pastor children will not be able to hold a title that reflects their responsibilities, as well as concern that the SBC is more worried about preventing women from being pastors than curtailing sexual abuse.

Despite the Executive Committee’s disapproval of making such a change to the constitution, messengers approved Law’s amendment by a two-thirds vote. Approval by two-thirds vote must take place again at next year’s annual meeting for the amendment to proceed.

Southern Baptists Reaffirm Commitment to Abuse Reforms, Preview Database of Abusers

On Wednesday, members of the ARITF unveiled a “Ministry Checkwebsite, which will track abusive pastors. Marshall Blalock, who chaired the ARITF said the site is in progress and names are still being added to it. The site will track abusive church leaders who have been convicted, who have confessed to abuse, and who have had a legal judgment made against them.

Because of criticism it received, the ARITF has held off on approving a fourth category of pastors who are “credibly accused,” but messengers Wednesday voted down a motion to remove that category for good.  

Messengers resoundingly approved the task force to continue with its work.