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Lysa TerKeurst Reveals She Has a New Love Interest: ‘It’s Been the Biggest Surprise’

“But by the grace of God, I eventually made peace with my life,” TerKeurst continued, “I learned to be where I am. To show up. To smile. To take photos of just me, awkward but happy. To be with those who are still here. To be thankful. So grateful. To dance solo. To see life as a gift and laughter and praise music as the greatest lift for my soul.”

“And then,” she said, “when I was healed enough to not need someone, I was freed enough to want someone. The right one. It’s been the biggest surprise… love, real and honest and true. 💕 Oh I have so much to tell you. Soon, very soon.”

In an Instagram reel Thursday, TerKeurst disclosed her new love, “CA.” 

“There were so many days, months, years where I didn’t feel it. I had big doubts. Deep hurt. A sadness like I have never known before,” she said in her Thursday post, referring to God’s love and kindness. “But in time, He wrote a story that was the sweetest surprise. I know many of you are still in the thick of the hurt and pain. And I’m still right here to walk beside you. I’m not through it all yet. But I am in a really beautiful part of this journey and I wanted to share it with you.”