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Video Game Developers Crowdfund Over $272,000 To Create a Bible Experience ‘For the Younger Generation’

Another, who has played the demo version of “Gate Zero,” wrote, “Through the game, the Bible comes alive and much of what you may have read or heard 5 or 50 times suddenly becomes very vivid. I am already looking forward to the first game and am therefore fully supportive.”

Someone else suggested that the game’s creators collaborate with the makers of “The Chosen,” a popular multi-season series written and directed by Dallas Jenkins that follows the life and ministry of Jesus.

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Of note is that “Gate Zero” is not the only Bible-themed game to make headlines in recent years. “I Am Jesus Christ,” a game being developed by Polish tech startup SimulaM, allows gamers to play from the perspective of Jesus himself, performing miracles and fighting off the devil by charging up “Holy Spirit energy.”

Though the full version of “I Am Jesus Christ” was originally set to be available by the first quarter of 2023, its release has been pushed to later this year. 

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A 30-minute demo of “Gate Zero” is currently available. The full version is set to be released in 2024.