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‘I Could Do This Every Day’—Lecrae Teams Up With Prison Fellowship To Bring Hope to Incarcerated Women

“I did a lot for the set, I was banging for evangelicals / they said I lost my way,” Lecrae reflected later in the rap. In recent years, Lecrae has been candid about his process of faith deconstruction, which was partly brought on by the criticism he received from influential evangelicals for his vocal advocacy of racial justice in the wake of a string of high profile police shootings involving young Black men. 

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In his 2022 song “Deconstruction,” Lecrae described his journey back to faith.

“It was people that hurt me, it wasn’t God, though / I let the church trauma turn into a God wound,” the song’s lyrics read. “My peace has been cemented, my soul has been re-lifted / my deconstruction ended, reconstruction is beginning.”

Speaking about the event, Lecrae said, “Hope is, you know, the idea that this is not the end; the idea that whatever circumstances you’re facing do not define us and create a wall forever around us.”

“Hope is that this is not forever,” he added. “Jesus is all.” 

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When Prison Fellowship posted the recap video to Instagram, Lecrae commented, “I could do this every day until they put me in the grave. Honored.”