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Critics Discredit ‘Sound of Freedom’ by Linking It to QAnon; Supporters Push Back

Some media critics say “Sound of Freedom” is an ideal recruitment tool for far-right conspiracies. A Rolling Stone article points to recent messages on the Q-related Great Awakening board. “Eyes are opening,” one reads. “We are witnessing true divine intervention,” states another.

According to the article, “Ballard himself has dabbled in Q-adjacent conspiracy theories, such as the Wayfair trafficking hoax, while his organization has far-right affinities and a long record of distorting its botched ‘raids,’ which rely on bizarre tactics like asking psychics where to find victims for rescue.” The writer concludes by lamenting that movie viewers “won’t even face the fact that most kids who suffer sexual abuse are harmed not by a shadowy cabal of strangers, but at the hands of a family member.”

A Jezebel article states that “anti-trans sentiment” has been included in the “Sound of Freedom” promotional campaign. Ballard “claimed to the Daily Signal that trans ideology ‘foisted on children’ is going to lead to ‘what the pedophiles have been asking for. If you can consent to that, guess what? What’s more fluid than gender? Age.’”

The border policy of President Biden also plays a role in human trafficking, Ballard has said. “It’s the wind at the sails of the traffickers,” Ballard told Fox News about the administration’s policy. “[Traffickers are] being told, ‘Come on in, you’re going to get in,’ which is why the number of unaccompanied minors has tripled in that time period.”

Despite the controversy, “Sound of Freedom” maintained a strong showing at the box office during the second weekend in July. The film, which cost an estimated $14.6 million to make, has grossed more than $40 million so far.