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‘Working on the Show Has Changed My Life’—Brandon Potter Opens Up About Playing a Villain on ‘The Chosen’

Potter recalled that “feeling the support of the entire cast and crew and also sitting across the table from such a lovely actor was a day in my career that I’ll always remember.”

“The Chosen” began filming its fourth season in the spring of 2023. Potter spoke of this next season—and left out any spoilers. “A lot happens in Season 4. It comes to you hard and fast. Buckle up, get ready, because stuff goes down,” the actor said. “So far in the show, Quintus has operated sort of unimpeded. He’s able to call the shots and do what he wants to do, and there’s not really any consequences. And in this season, there are consequences for his actions.”

Potter speculated on how these consequences will affect the future of Quintus, saying, “I think that will force a change in him. I don’t know what kind, I don’t know if that’s for good or worse. I can’t speak to that. I don’t even know. But something will have to give.”

The actor shared that “The Chosen” is “one of the great joys of my life. You get to really zoom in. Go deep. You don’t get the chance to do that very often.”

‘The Chosen’—Now 4 Seasons Depicting the Life of Jesus

Potter isn’t the first actor to express a transforming experience as part of “The Chosen.” Actor Nick Shakoour, who plays Zebedee, went from doubting God’s existence to having multiple powerful encounters with him.

“The Chosen” is the “first-ever multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus…through the eyes of those who knew him.” According to its website, the series quickly turned into a global phenomenon with nearly 7 million social media followers.

The first three seasons are available for viewing on the website, The Chosen app, and other streaming platforms—all for free.

Lionsgate has joined the work of “The Chosen.” The studio now has sub-licensing distribution rights and will help Angel Studios further the reach of the series. In fact, president and executive producer Brad Pelo recently told The Christian Post that the series has a bold goal of reaching 1 billion people.

Season 4 of the hit series will be available in January 2024 on multiple platforms.

Brandon Potter’s Start in Acting

Potter got his start at the Dallas Theater Center, playing roles such as President Lyndon B. Johnson and Scrooge.

As a writer and actor, Potter has spent decades both on and off camera. With a unique, strong voice, Potter has contributed his voice acting to dozens of anime series, such as “Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad” and “Stars Align.”

He also played Dale in “Little Woods” and Bramberger in the recent comedy “Family Camp” by The Skit Guys. Potter will continue to portray Quintus in “The Chosen.”