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Civil Lawsuit Over Girl’s Death Names the Rock Church as a Defendant

A San Diego TV station that obtained foster care and adoption records reports that a Rock Church member described being concerned after glimpsing Arabella on a Zoom prayer group meeting. A redacted complaint indicates that someone “reported witnessing abuse of Arabella to a church counselor who, ‘told the witness not to say anything. When they asked for guidance, they were told to do nothing.’”

Tragedy Was Shocking, Said Rock Church Pastor

Pastor Miles McPherson, a former NFL player who founded Rock Church in 2000, addressed the arrests of Leticia McCormack and her parents last November. As ChurchLeaders reported, McPherson told congregants that he and the church were “shocked” by this “unimaginable” case and were praying for everyone involved.

A background check run on McCormack in October 2021 showed no red flags, said McPherson, who added that McCormack also volunteered with other organizations, including a law enforcement agency. Allegations against the former church elder and foster mother are “bewildering because there were so many background checks done,” added the pastor. “Nothing revealed that anything like this would happen, could happen.”

An opinion piece in this week’s San Diego Union Tribune said adults should have seen “warning signs” before Arabella’s “grim death.” The newspaper’s editorial board wrote, “What happened to her was appalling. At least some of the adults in her life outside her family had to have known she faced abuse—and should have done something about it. She should still be alive.”

In a statement to ChurchLeaders, a Rock Church representative said: “Given the pending litigation, the Rock Church cannot provide any additional comment or information at this time.”

This article has been updated to include the statement from a Rock Church representative.