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LA Pastor Praises Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for Surprise Visit, Donations to Expectant Mother

Johnson also recounted his experience via Instagram. 

“Dream Center is doing amazing work for our brothers and sisters who are struggling and broken—the mana is real when you shake these hands and feel these hugs,” Johnson wrote. (Mana is a Polynesian term used to describe supernatural power.)

Johnson continued, “Great to meet ‘mama to be’ Zaynah and congratulations on the baby!! … We’ve all been there a time or two and struggling people don’t need a hand out—they just need a hand up.”

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In a separate post, Johnson described encountering a man who was quick to share his testimony. 

“My guy Charles here was coming to [The Dream Center] as I was leaving—we never met until now—he felt compelled to share with me his beautiful testimonial right here in the parking lot,” Johnson wrote alongside a video of the man describing his journey of recovery from addiction. “And I was blessed to receive it. Sometimes we gotta go thru the great brokenness to recreate our future.”

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This is not the first time Johnson’s generosity has made headlines this week. According to reports earlier this week, Johnson made a seven-figure contribution to a nonprofit organization associated with the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to provide financial support for union actors during the ongoing strike. 


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