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‘The Chosen’ Offers First Look at New Scene From Season 4 As Filming Wraps

Jenkins has addressed both issues at length. “We’ve made it clear from the beginning we don’t have a religious or political litmus test for who can work on our show,” he said regarding the latter controversy. “I love our cast and crew, especially because even though they all come from different backgrounds and beliefs, they work their butts off for the show and the viewers. The show’s official stance on anything is to be found in the content of the show.’”

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Jenkins denies the claim that the beliefs of the Latter-day Saints influence the content of the show and has repeatedly emphasized that he consults with Bible scholars when creating it. During an interview on “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast,” Jenkins said that as he and his team are creating the show, they ask, “‘Is this plausible? Does this fit within the character of Jesus and the Gospels?’ And if so, we believe that we have the opportunity to fill in some gaps.”