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Dove Award-Winning Artist Plumb Praises Derek Webb’s Collaboration With Drag Queen ‘Flamy Grant’

@jenniferknappmusic was in the room, I poached her to join me for a song and she proved again why she is a LEGEND,” the post went on to say.

Plumb Attends Her First Pride Parade

On June 1, Arbuckle made it clear how she felt about the LGBTQ+ community on Instagram. “Happy Pride month! To all my LGBTQ+ siblings I see you and I love you!”

One longtime fan replied to Arbuckle’s post with admiration for what Arbuckle’s career as a CCM artist has meant to her, but made it known that “as a Christian,” Arbuckle’s Pride Month affirmation made her “lose a little respect” for the singer.

“There is a very big difference between loving everyone and supporting pride month. Sick actually,” Arbuckle’s fan said. “Love and support the people but do not celebrate something as sinful as pride month. Disappointed here.”

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A few weeks later, Arbuckle shared that she attended her first Pride parade and that although she “felt so incredibly late to the game,” she was “thankful to be so welcomed.”

“It was so fun and happy and joyful,” she said. “People being so peaceful and so proud of who they are and I was so thankful to be there…there was nothing but space for me to show love for everyone under the sun. ❤️ If you have never attended a #Pride event…I would encourage you to do that, regardless of your feelings about the LGBTQ+ community.”

Arbuckle encouraged her followers that “when we don’t understand something, we just naturally hold it at arms length, which at the very least can look like pushing it away, when it may just be that we don’t understand.” She continued, “Also, if you are not in community with someone in the LGBTQ+ community, it can be so easy to just keep it ‘over there’ and not lean in. But it’s personal to me and there are people in that community that I love dearly. Lean in. Such beauty there.”

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The CCM singer concluded her post saying, “While I may be late to the game, I am here now…and I genuinely believe that Jesus wants me here.” She added that she loves Jesus and “I love you.”

She followed her post up by sharing five clarifying statements, which can be read below.


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