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‘Christian Artists Are Going To Have To Say Something’—John Cooper Addresses ‘The Rot in Christian Music’

McNeese targeted the largest producer and publisher of Christian music, the Universal Music-owned Capitol Christian Music Group, for not only releasing Bowe’s new video but also for promoting JUDAH’s latest release, “Beatitudes,” despite the lyrics including the f-word.

JUDAH is Judah Ackers, a member of the alternative band Judah & the Lion, which got its start by releasing a worship EP titled “First Fruits.”

Ackers says on his Facebook page that “wherever you [are] on the spectrum of believing in God or not believing I can probably relate to both. For me, my faith is rooted in who God says He is, which has always been rooted in the unexplainable love He has for us.”

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McNeese said that those who speak out against profanity in Christian music will be labeled as the “problem” and be called “bigots,” “old-fashion” “transphobe (sic),” “holier-than-thou,” “judgmental,” “out of touch,” and just plain “wrong.”

“And who wants to be any of those?” McNeese rhetorically asked. “What if we all said defiantly, ‘Me. I don’t care what you label me. Fine.’ I’d bet the conversation would change pretty rapidly instead of shutting up in fear that you’ll be labeled something uncomfortable.”

John Cooper Says ‘The Church Should Be Concerned’

John Cooper, who will celebrate the 27th anniversary of his band’s first record this October, is among the few artists speaking out.

“I absolutely think the church should be concerned…but I don’t want to be an alarmist about it,” Cooper told ChurchLeaders.

Cooper believes that artists like Semler and Flamy Grant, who claim to be Christian but don’t adhere to traditional sexual ethics, won’t gain much traction in today’s Christian music industry because it won’t “take long before people realize what they are doing is just ridiculous.”

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“It also helps us spot what artists’ beliefs really are,” Cooper said, citing the example of Relient K, who invited Semler to open for them on tour last year, and Plumb (Tiffany Arbuckle), who praised Flamy Grant and Webb’s collaboration last month.