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‘They Couldn’t Understand Why We Pray’—Melissa Joan Hart Takes Family Mission Trip to Zambia

Years later, Hart and her family visited the family in Zambia again and saw hope. “Edna just smiled so big,” Hart exclaimed. She “hugged us. It was so emotional. So powerful. They now have a well nearby because we helped sponsor a well.”

Together, World Vision and sponsors like the Harts have transformed communities around the world. They dig wells to provide clean water, make it possible for children to attend school, and provide everyday needs for families. Sponsors can gift goats to families in need. Along with the goats, families receive supplies and education on how to care for the goats, milk them, and breed them in order to have a sustainable source of income.

“They build dip tanks,” Hart said. “They put goats in, and they had to swim across, and it basically washes off the ticks and bugs. They do it once a week, and it keeps their goats healthy.”

Born Again Christian Melissa Joan Hart Makes a Mark in Hollywood

Hart was raised in a Catholic family. She and Mark Wilkerson, her husband, who was a Baptist, decided to attend a Presbyterian church after they wed.

Hart told the Christian Post about a time that transformed her own prayer life. Hart was a young mom at the time, and another mother in her mom’s group was in a coma due to an aneurysm. Hart and other moms in the group prayed around the clock.

“I feel like that’s the moment that really opened up my prayer life. I had a big moment there where my prayer life changed and where I started to understand more about how to pray and then my husband also helped me,” Hart said. “My husband taught me to pray for mercy.”

Hart rose to stardom as the lead in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Since then, she has acted in dozens of television shows and films, including the Christmas movies, “Mistletoe in Montana” and “Christmas in Tune.” The actor also enjoys work behind the camera as a director (“iCarly,” “Young Sheldon”) and producing (including “Broadcasting Christmas,” “The Watcher in the Woods”).