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10 Christian NFL Players Who Play for God in 2023

Ty Montgomery

Thirty-year-old wide receiver Ty Montgomery, now on the practice squad with the New England Patriots, blogs extensively about his faith and family. In a July post, he wrote about the unconditional nature of Jesus’ love and the assurance of knowing “there’s nothing that I can do to get God to turn his back on me.”

Thanks to a mother who was actively involved in foster care, Montgomery has a heart for young people. His foundation, My 10 Percent, raises money to send teens to the Holy Land. After visiting Israel himself, Montgomery was in awe at “being able to walk where Scripture comes alive.” He wanted to provide kids in the foster system with that opportunity too, because they “really struggle with something that feels eternal or real.”

The name My 10 Percent references the biblical concept of tithing, said the wide receiver. But instead of just referring to money, Montgomery “felt the Lord calling me to take it a step further, which is tithing 10% of myself, to an individual, helping in any way that I can.”