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Christian Rock Icon Mylon LeFevre Dead; John Cooper Shares How He Was a ‘Great Friend’ and ‘Mentor’

Skillet’s John Cooper posted a heartfelt message to LeFevre’s family Saturday afternoon, sharing how LeFevre was not only a good friend and fellow Christian musician but also had been a mentor to him over the past few years.

“So we’ve got some super bad news. My very good friend and Christian music icon Mylon LeFevre” just passed away last night, Cooper said. “I love Mylon. He was a just a great friend to me and a great mentor to me in the last few years.”

Cooper told his social media followers that he usually doesn’t post on “private matters” but that “Mylon deserves to be known and celebrated. He was such a just a Christian music hero, just a revolutionary for Christ—his testimony is unbelievable.”

The “Hero” rocker shared that LeFevre would call him, pray for him, and give him advice. Cooper recalled how his friend LeFevre would quote Scripture, rather then paraphrase it, from the King James Version Bible. “I’ve never known anybody that quotes the Bible as much as Mylon. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

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“He was a great mentor to me, and I love him, and I love his family and just want to say thank you to him for everything he did,” Cooper said.

Cooper told of how LeFevre was always messaging and calling him to tell him he was praying for him. “And it always seemed to be at a time when something was going down and I needed prayer the most,” Cooper said.

“So I owe him a lot, and my family owes him a lot. I’m just shocked and I’m sad,” Cooper concluded as he encouraged his fans to check out Mylon LeFevre’s music in the hopes that it will bless them as much as it has blessed him.