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Woman Attempts To Steal Gas From Church Van; Church Responds by Giving Away Gas Cards in Community

“I thought it was like a flier to come to church or something,” said one recipient. “And so for them to give me money for a gift card is like really awesome.” 

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Another said, “They turned something bad into a blessing for everybody.” 

The gift came at a perfect time for some of the recipients, including one woman who said she had been worriedly praying about which account to pull from to fill up her tank after clocking out from work. When she pulled into the gas station, she was presented with an envelope.

After hearing her story, Wideman gave the woman the rest of the envelopes in his hand, along with a hug.

“You ain’t gotta pull from no account now. You’re good,” he said with a smile. 

One of the church members commissioned with handing out the gas cards remarked, “I feel really good doing this today. We need to do it more often.”

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Wideman reflected, “Whether you drive a BMW, or whether you drive something that’s barely working, everybody’s got something that they’re going through…We’re just here to be a blessing.”