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‘The Blind’ Presents a Raw Look at Phil and Kay Robertson’s Marriage and How Jesus Saved It

“I can’t hardly believe that,” the older Al tells Phil from behind the hunting blind. Phil says he lost it all then. But he had yet to reach his lowest point. 

The Devil ‘Might Be Me,’ Phil Realizes

Kay considers taking her own life after her husband kicks her out but begins to pick up the pieces with the help of Jan, who connects Kay with the preacher. His name is Bill Smith, and he provides Kay and her boys with a place to live. Kay gets a job, and she and her sons start attending church. 

Meanwhile, Phil is living alone in squalor and in the grip of his alcoholism. One day, he finally reaches a breaking point as he thinks on what has done to his family. He drives to where Kay is working and, distraught, tells her he thinks he saw the devil. “I think he might be me,” he says.  

Phil tells his wife that he’s sorry for what he’s done and that he has quit drinking, but she counters that he needs help his family cannot give him. He replies that he will do anything for her and their sons.

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A newly penitent Phil meets with Pastor Smith, who tells Phil he does not have to prove anything in order for God to love and accept him. Rather, God will meet him where he is and take away his shame. “That sounds too good to be true,” Phil says. 

“It’s too good for all of us,” the pastor agrees, telling Phil that he needs to die and be born again. “I’m ready,” Phil responds. He then repents of his sins, commits to following Jesus Christ as Lord of his life, and is baptized by Smith in front of his wife and children.

Phil joins his family at their home for Christmas, and after the festivities Kay shares that she had joy in her heart when she saw him being baptized but also a nagging fear that he was going to break their hearts again. He tells her he will not, and is forced to put his words into action that very evening when Al comes by and tries to persuade Phil to join him partying. Phil tells him, “The Phil you come looking for is dead and buried,” and instead takes his older sons hunting. 

These events mark a turning point in Phil’s life and the restoration of his family. “That’s a thing I learned about God,” the older Phil tells Al. “We don’t have to be good enough cause he’s good enough for us. I finally figured it out. Just took a little time.”

As the movie draws to a close, Al, who has been listening to the story of Phil’s life behind the hunting blind, tells Phil that he recently learned he has an aneurysm and could die within two years or even two days. Realizing that Al reconnected with him to learn how he had turned his life around, Phil tells his friend, “I didn’t do it. Only God can pull off a move like that because of Jesus.”