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David Platt Assures He’s Not Leaving As Church Votes To Install Mike Kelsey as Lead Pastor

Platt said, “I love doing that here. This is my church family.”

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“The only caveat I would add is, and I hope this is true for every member in our church, I’m not guaranteed to be here for the next 10 years or five years,” he added. “My life is a blank check before the Lord. He could lead any one of us, at any point, anywhere in the world.”

“[God has] told us we’re here at this moment, but I’m certainly not going to guarantee I’m here for X amount of time. That’s in the Lord’s hands. And if he picks [my family] up and gives [us] a one-way ticket to the other side of the world, then we’re gonna follow,” Platt said.

Platt concluded by telling MBC, “I love this picture. I’m exhilarated about this picture for our church family, for Mike, and for me as a lead pastor in our church.”

Controversial Video of Kelsey Resurfaces

video of Kelsey saying that there are times he feels like torching “all white people, particularly white evangelicals and Christians” resurfaced early this week.

Kelsey made the comment three years ago while he was on an episode of Jennie Allen’s podcast, titled “Understanding Your Role in Racial Reconciliation,” just weeks after a video showed that George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer.

Allen asked Kelsey to share what it felt like to “experience these last few weeks.”

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“Sometimes I’m just like, I’m done,” Kelsey said. “It’s difficult for me, sometimes, not to just torch like all white people. In particular, white evangelicals and Christians.”

Kelsey shared that what keeps him from wanting to “torch all white people” is a combination of several things, including “just meeting and being in community with so many white brothers and sisters and looking at the type of work that you’re doing and other people that are doing.”