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Pastor Albert Tate Takes Leave of Absence Over ‘Inappropriate Text Messages and Questionable Comments’

“Let us be clear,” he continued, “this is not an abandonment of our Senior Pastor but a manifestation of our church’s core values—values that underscore the importance of integrity, responsibility, and spiritual growth. It is our prayerful expectation that this period will be a God-led journey for both Pastor Tate and all of us that call Fellowship our church home.”

The board is committed to the church as a whole, said Saleh, “not any one individual or group…that commitment will guide all of our decisions and recommendations.” He added that the board would be sharing updates in the future as appropriate.  

“In accordance with our commitment to transparency and maintaining your trust, we pledge to keep you informed about significant developments as they unfold, within the bounds of respect and privacy that these matters require,” he said.

The chairman of the board asked for prayer, expressing hope in God’s faithfulness, as well as conveying the board’s desire that the Holy Spirit guide the ministry of the church. “Thank you for your understanding, your prayers, and your unwavering faith in the purpose and community that we continue to build here at Fellowship,” Saleh concluded. “May God bless us all, guiding us through the days ahead.”

ChurchLeaders has reached out to Fellowship Church for comment and will update this article in the event of a reply.