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Tattoo Artist Kat Von D, Who Previously Renounced the Occult, Gets Baptized

The books, she said, “don’t align with who I am and who I want to be.”

“I’ve always found beauty in the macabre, but at this point, I just had to ask myself what is my relationship with this content?” said Von D, who has a distinct Goth aesthetic. “And the truth is, I just don’t want to invite any of these things into our family’s lives, even if it comes disguised in beautiful covers, collecting dust on my shelves.”

Von D assured her followers that she had no intention of criticizing anyone “into this stuff” and extended love to them wherever they are. “But right now, it’s never been more clear to me that there is a spiritual battle taking place, and I want to surround myself and my family with love and light.”

In the comments on the video of her baptism, captioned with a cross, followers celebrated Von D’s profession of faith in Jesus. “Amen!” said one. “I was atheist most of life and came to Jesus Christ 2018. Being saved was the best thing to ever happen to me.”

“I just started my walk with Jesus 6 months ago,” said another. “I got baptized 3 weeks ago. I was so comfortable in the darkness that didn’t [sic] appreciate the beauty in the light. All praise to Jesus Christ.”

Another follower shared she had been praying for Von D, Von D’s husband, and shock rocker Marilyn Manson “to all see the Lords [sic] glory one day (God put that unique prayer on my heart). I am beyond excited for you. Congratulations and welcome.”

Some, however, criticized Von D’s tattoos as not being compatible with the Christian faith while others criticized her conversion to Christianity. There were atheists, though, who encouraged people to support the artist’s decision. One said, “I’m an atheist, however I love seeing people on their own paths that they find happiness and fulfillment on. You should be happy for someone if they are happy.”

Von D’s husband commented, “I love you so much my beautiful wife, you continue to inspire me every day. I want to marry you over and over again!”