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‘The Domino Revival,’ Featuring Mark Driscoll, Mike Signorelli, and Greg Locke, To Debut in Theaters

Parker’s wife, Jessi, shared that she hopes the film “motivates people to see the opportunity that we’re actually in right now. I think a lot of times people are waiting for the someday one day revival, not realizing it’s actually in our midst right now.”

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Jessi’s prayer is that after seeing “The Domino Revival,” people will realize that “the thing I was praying for is actually happening right now. So I hope it kind of ignites that fire in people.”

Pagani expressed his belief that “The Domino Revival” will change the narrative. “We’re seeing the narrative of Satanism being blatant and open in a award shows, movies, and in the news,” Pagani said. “They’re not hiding it. It’s in the open and the country and the viewers are embracing it, which means before it was shunned and now it’s just tolerated.”

“Ain’t it like God to now bring his digital film evangelists and apostles and prophets to come back into that to push back the forces of darkness,” he added.

“I hope that people who see the movie will get saved if they don’t know Jesus,” Pagani said, sharing that he has been praying that anyone “dealing with silent suicidal thoughts who see the film would have the thought in their mind eradicated.”

“The world is screaming for revival,” Jenny Weaver said. “The world is in an urgent state right now. And if people don’t get that, they must be sleeping under a rock. There’s an agenda for the children. It’s just unbelievable.”