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10 Christian NBA Players To Watch This Season

4. Taylor Hendricks

Another rookie, Taylor Hendricks, also is vocal about putting God first. Just 19 years old, the 6′ 9″ forward was selected ninth overall in this year’s draft. About the accomplishment, Hendricks said “putting God first throughout my whole journey” has been “really important.”

Switching to a Christian high school as a junior “allowed me to heavily strengthen my relationship with God and understand his Word and my purpose even more,” Hendricks said. He told His Huddle his trust in God “helps me feel assured that no matter what happens on or off the court, I will be just fine because he already has a plan that will leave me blessed at the end of the day.”

About his goals as a pro, Hendricks said, “I just hope to inspire others and to let them know that anything is possible with faith and works through the Lord.” He added, “I also hope to inspire others to keep working hard and stay faithful to the Lord no matter what trial you face.”