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10 Christian NBA Players To Watch This Season

8. Kevin Durant

NBA veteran and All-Star Kevin Durant, 35, was traded to the Phoenix Suns in February. The guard, who won two NBA championships with Golden State and fellow Christian Steph Curry, has talked about his faith throughout his 17-season pro career.

Back in 2011, Durant told Sports Spectrum magazine, “In the Bible, the Lord exalts humility, and that’s one thing I try to be all the time.” He added, “I’ve just got to be thankful to the Lord for the gifts he’s given me. My gift back to him is to always be humble and to always try to work as hard as I can.”

About the Bible, Durant (known as KD) has said it “both pumps me up and balances me to play my best.” He added, “But it also tells me more about the Lord and how I can live for him and what all he has done for me.”

Carl Lentz, former pastor of Hillsong New York City, was once linked to Durant and other high-profile NBA players. Lentz baptized Durant in 2013.