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10 Christian NBA Players To Watch This Season

9. AJ Griffin

Adrian “AJ” Griffin, 20, is now in his second year with the Atlanta Hawks. While at Duke in 2022, the freshman forward explained why he helped launch a Bible study for fellow players. “I feel like everyone needs a relationship with God,” he said. “For me, I believe in Jesus Christ and what he’s done in my life, I want that to happen to others too.”

Griffin continued:

I was in a bad place when I was going through injuries, and [God’s] the one that helped me through it…and really made me a better person. I just wanted to share my story and share what he can do for others too, because I go through the same struggles as some people and it can help them, and so I don’t want to be quiet about it.

In July 2023, after his 2-year-old nephew died suddenly, Griffin shared his faith at the funeral. “I’m an NBA player, and…I’d rather have Jesus than have basketball,” he told attendees. Griffin also said God had delivered him from struggles with depression, anxiety, fear, and porn addiction.