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‘Let’s Get This Ripple Effect Going’—Candace Cameron Bure Invites Fans To Join ‘Wave of Gratitude’

Bure then tagged three friends as she started the wave.


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The video has received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

One fan commented, “I’m grateful for what you and your brother are doing for the Faith. I’m grateful for Christmas movies! I’m grateful for all the friends I have made in the past two years.”

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“This is such a wonderful idea, especially during the holiday season,” another person said. “I hope it impacts many, and I hope it goes beyond the holiday season.”

Candace Cameron Bure—More Than Christmas Movies

As the chief creative officer for the Great American Family network, Bure stars in and advocates for family-friendly movies throughout the year. This Christmas, the network is showing Christmas movies “24 hours a day and seven days a week” while introducing 20 new Christmas movies.

However, Bure’s career and impact don’t stop there. She has made a few enemies in the entertainment industry as she advocates for the traditional family model and is vocal about her own Christian faith. Following the “hurriquake” in California, Bure posted on Twitter, “5.0 earthquake and a hurricane. Can we all repent?! Please?!”

Bure’s daughter, Natasha, recently went viral for a post focused on modesty. In response to a fan’s question, Natasha said, “Modesty & I have come a long way, truthfully.” She went on to explain, “A year or two ago I dressed COMPLETELY different and showed WAY more of my body than I ever needed to.”

Natasha implied with emojis that she now feels embarrassed when she sees old photos of herself. “A lot of that came from where I was finding my worth and thinking that showing more skin was more attractive,” she said.