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‘We Need To Talk About Ep. 3’—‘The Chosen’ Creator Dallas Jenkins Discusses Shocking Character Death in Season 4

“I’m not going to explain everything, of course, because that’s for the show to do,” he added. “I promise you, the explanation will take place over the course of multiple episodes and seasons.” 

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“The story of Thomas and Ramah and what happened at the end of Episode 3 is absolutely, of course—I mean, we’ve been planning this since Season 1—but it’s part of a larger narrative,” Dallas said, and the larger narrative is intended to point to “capital t” truth.

Speaking of the coming episodes, Dallas said, “The disciples have the same questions you do and are struggling with the same things.” 

Amanda pointed out that a number of viewers disagree that “Jesus would ever have said no” to a request for healing or resurrection. Some have gone as far as to say, “That’s not my Jesus.”

“I just want to push back on that just a teense,” Amanda said. She went on to share a story of a friend whose husband died suddenly. A group of “faith-filled people” prayed healing over this man, and after he passed, they prayed for his resurrection.

“And they didn’t receive it,” Amanda said. “But they asked in faith…They begged and they pleaded and the Lord said no.” 

Dallas and Amanda went on to explain that during Jesus’ ministry, many people who wanted physical healing from Jesus never received it. 

“This is what we believe to be a bigger theological truth, not just a specific story,” Amanda said. 

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Episodes 1-3 of Season 4 will be in theaters until Feb. 14. Episodes 4-6 will release on Feb. 15, and Episodes 7-8 will release on Feb. 29. Tickets are available here.