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Albert Mohler: Having Women Serve as Pastors Has Never ‘Made Sense’ to Southern Baptists

Others who disagree with advocates of the Law Amendment are more moderate in their approach to women in leadership, including Texas pastor Dwight McKissic, whose church until recently was part of the SBC. Following the panel discussion hosted by the Kenwood Institute, McKissic took exception with Mohler’s claim that women serving as pastors has never “made sense” to Southern Baptists. 

“This framing is disingenuous,” McKissic wrote in a social media post. “Perhaps the issue here is that what does not make sense to white males in the seat of denominational power with ties to an institution founded upon slave-holding theology makes perfect sense to minorities.”

“What does not make sense to the ‘majority’ to which Mohler claims to belong seems to make perfect sense to countless Southern Baptist pastors, professors, and minorities, including Asian and African Americans,” McKissic added. “Dr. Mohler would do well to remember it is not advisable to disenfranchise or dismiss large sections of his institution’s constituency.”

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Messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention will vote on the ratification of the Law Amendment this June when they assemble in Indianapolis.