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Why Have Well-Known Worship Leaders Left Christianity? Allen Parr Explores Whether These 4 Reasons Are Valid

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Several high-profile worship leaders have announced over the past few years that they no longer believe in Christianity, rattling many evangelical Christians. Ministry leader Allen Parr believes there are four common reasons why people leave the Christian faith, and he offered his views on the validity of those reasons, as well as advice for people who are doubting. 

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“I remember vividly just sitting and crying and asking myself, ‘God, how is it possible that these people can write such beautiful lyrics and express their worship unto you and then just give it all away and say that they just don’t believe any more?” Parr said, describing his response to certain worship leaders who are no longer Christians. 

The author and speaker said that in his video, posted to his podcast, “THE BEAT by Allen Parr,” “The question that I really want to explore…is why is this happening and what are the reasons why many people who claim to be Christian are leaving the Christian faith?”

Allen Parr: 4 Reasons Why Some Reject Christianity

Allen Parr began by mentioning several popular worship leaders who have left Christianity in recent years. The first of these was Audrey Assad. Parr said her song, “Even Unto Death,” from the album “Inheritance” is “one of my absolute favorite worship songs of all times.”

The refrain of that song says, “Lover of my soul / Even unto death / With my every breath I will love you.” The entire album is “absolutely amazing,” said Parr, and Assad has the “voice of an angel.”

But in early 2021, Assad announced she is no longer a Christian. “My heart broke,” Parr said, “because I’m sitting here thinking, ‘How can someone sing these words, and how can someone express their worship to God in one breath and then in the next breath say, ‘I don’t believe any of this. I’m not a Christian’?”

In August 2019, former Hillsong worship leader Marty Sampson, who co-wrote “O Praise the Name (Anástasis),” announced that he was losing his faith. Parr also mentioned Lisa and Michael Gungor, citing a video Michael Gungor posted where he said that the only place where people can find absolute truth is within themselves. 

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