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‘The Church Is My Life’—71-Year-Old Pastor Shot in Mouth Returns to Pulpit on Easter

“I didn’t know what was going on,” he recalled. “All I could feel was blood coming from every direction. All I could remember was Troy Franklin and my daughter Tracy holding my head.” Livingston shared that his daughter wouldn’t let him shut his eyes.

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Livingston remembers telling himself, “You can’t keep bleeding the way you are and not die.” He then said that this is when God told him, “Stop trying to die and start back living.” God told him, “Not yet, not yet.”

“When you’re rooted in the Lord, you can feel his presence. I felt the presence of the Lord,” Livingston said. At the end of the service, church attendees showed their appreciation for the pastor with a roaring standing ovation.

Livingston still has a long road to recovery and will soon undergo more surgeries to repair his jaw.

“I’m praying to God that all things will go well and I will fully recover,” Livingston told ABC24 Memphis. “The church is my life.”

As previously reported, Livingston is also currently battling bone cancer.

GoFundMe as been set up to assist with the family’s medical expenses. To date, over $41,000 has been raised.